Insulated Sport Bottle

  • An ordinary (non-insulated) water bottle reaches outside temperature within 90 minutes.  SportBuddy keeps drinks COLD for up to 7 hours
  • Unique special insulation layer
  • Fits standard bottle cages
  • Available in 500ml, 600ml and 700ml sizes
  • Squeezable like a conventional water bottle
  • Light weight
  • Logo and cap available in a variety of colours
  • Specially designed for the South African weather conditions
  • Affordable



Our News
March 13, 2011

A study was conducted during September 2008 by the American College of Sport Medicine to determine if ingestion of cold drinks during endurance events could improve endurance capacity in heat


Conclusion:. Compared with a drink at 37 degrees C, the ingestion of a cold drink (17 degrees C) before and during exercise in the heat reduced physiological strain (reduced heat accumulation), leading to an improved endurance capacity.


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